Hyper-crosschain protocol for interchain DEXes and DeFi ecosystem

EXRN protocol and crosschain gateway is a solution for the next generations of interconnected blockchain products.

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Use Cases

Possible cases of EXRNchain protocol usage in the future

Atomic Swaps

EXRNchain protocol will allow for better, faster, simpler atomic swaps between different cryptocurrencies. It will be implemented in the EXRNswaps service.

Data Transfer

EXRNchain protocol will be be used to transfer any encrypted data between distributed ledgers, bringing many use cases in connection with IPFS technology.

DEX & DeFi

Fast and simple decentralized exchanges will be built on the EXRN crosschain network. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects will use EXRN to provide financial applications to multitudes of crosschain-connected networks.

Crosschain Payments

Merchants won't need to create and manage dozens of cryptocurrency wallets, they will accept one, while offering 100s of payment options for clients.


EXRNchain protocol will be an all-in-one solution for developers to start working and developing blockchain projects.

Cross-contract execution

EXRNchain protocol will allow calls or execution of specific smart contract function of one blockchain to be sent from another chain. Connect to and operate your Ethereum, Polkadot, Neo and etc. contracts from one place.

EXRN Crosschain Applications

Our vision of products based on EXRN crosschain network


Crosschain decentralized exchange built on the EXRNchain network. Easy, liquid, fast.


Atomic swaps implementation based on the EXRNchain protocol: a platform that allows you to exchange your coins with 'one-click experience'.


Crosschain payment processor for merchants. Accept most of the cryptocurrencies, and receive the ones you want.