EXRN DeFi Solution

EXRNchain crosschain protocol with EXRT Network backend will become scalable foundation for decentralized applications.

As visualized on the image, EXRN/EXRT crosschain 'oracle' can provide interconnected gateway to blockchains and platforms. Our example shows 2 situations:

a) User has DOT on the Polkadot blockchain and wants to supply it to Compound as a collateral. He will perform a crosschain swap of DOT to xDOT on the Ethereum blockhain via EXRN/EXRT oracle. If Compound was integrated with EXRNchain, user could technically perform the swap and supply in one transaction.

b) User has BTC on Bitcoin blockchain, and wants to supply liquidity to BTC/ETH pool on Uniswap. He can do a crosschain transaction to wrap his BTC into xBTC, sell half for ETH and supply his assets for Uniswap liquidity, all in one crosschain transaction.